Work-Family Support Program

Pre-teens and Teens: Understanding the teenage brain

Are you raising one or more pre-teens or teenagers? Is your teen argumentative, volatile and sometimes even downright disrespectful?

According to brain researchers, this volatility is a normal part of adolescence. So, if you're feeling confused or stressed about how to have a positive relationship with your teen, to keep them safe, have more peace in your home and to have a better understanding of your child as they progress through adolescence, then you'll benefit from this webinar. Parenting expert, Dr Rosina McAlpine, explores:

  • The physiological changes in the teenage brain
  • Teens' challenging behaviours and emotional outbursts
  • Strategies for navigating the pre-teen and teen years successfully
  • Question and answer session

By attending this session, parents and carers raising teenage children will have a better understanding of the many changes that occur during the teen years and how to continue to nurture a positive relationship with their child.

This session will be held on Thursday 20 October from 1pm-2pm.

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