Work-Family Support Program

Personal Best Parenting: What good parenting is about

Every parent wants to raise a happy, healthy and capable child. However, knowing how to parent can often be confusing with conflicting parenting advice from experts, friends and family. In this session parents and carers will learn Dr Rosina McAlpine’s research-based practical approach for managing day-to-day parenting challenges - that is good for working parents and good for children! Topics explored include:  

  • Today's common parenting challenges toddler to teenager
  • Busting the myth you should just "KNOW" how to be a good parent without education and support
  • How your guilt about parenting undermines your parenting
  • Why self-care is key to being a good role model for your family
  • Introducing a practical step-by-step approach to becoming your personal best as a parent
  • Q&A session

By attending this session parents and carers will understand what Personal Best Parenting is all about and learn Dr Rosina's approach - STOP. EMPATHISE. EDUCATE - a practical 3-step approach for managing parenting challenges from toddler right through to teenager. 

Personal Best Parenting: What good parenting is about will be held at 1pm on Wednesday 22 May 2024

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