Sustainability and wellbeing are closely related. Environmental sustainability means a lot of different things to different people, but the oft-quoted definition of sustainability – living successfully in the present without compromising our ability to do so in the future – still holds true.

As one of Australia's leading research and teaching universities, UNSW recognises the vital role the university sector has in driving the change to environmental sustainability as well as the urgency with which this change must take place.

We work in partnership with UNSW Environmental Sustainability and provide input to support the annual Sustainability Report and a range of initiatives on campus and across the community. As UNSW Wellbeing develops and launches our Wellbeing Strategy and Wellbeing Plan, we will be able to expand upon and report on some of the facets that were previously integrated into the Sustainability Report.

This includes areas such as:

There are of course other aspects of wellbeing that centre on our healthy places and culture that will become part of our strategic and planning efforts and help characterise what it is like to live, work and play at UNSW.