UNSW considers the accessibility of high quality early education and care to its employees, to be one of the key factors in attracting and retaining staff.

UNSW Early Years owns and operates four early learning centres situated on or near the Kensington campus: 

  • Kanga's House
  • House at Pooh Corner
  • Tigger's Honeypot
  • Owl's House.

Staff working at the Kensington campus, UNSW Art & Design (Paddington campus), as well as non-UNSW staff are able to use these centres - download the brochure for more information. Places at UNSW Early Years centres are limited. It is important that you place your unborn or newly born baby's name on the central waiting list for UNSW's centres as soon as possible, and consider centres close to your place of residence. Staff with children at UNSW Early Years centres may be able to salary sacrifice their childcare fees. 

Settling your child into childcare

If possible, allow for a slow transition to child care in the weeks / months before your return to work. Some centres are happy for you to spend short periods of time with your baby (at the centre) before you're officially enrolled, which can be reassuring for both parent/s and baby/ies.