17 March, 2021

Exercise and Meditation Classes - Online and Free for Staff

Stretch out those aching muscles!

We've put together a program of free physical and mental fitness classes for staff over the next couple of months to get us all into shape for the Get On Track Challenge.

March starts off with some easy Desk-Based Stretching classes. Then in April, we will run Yoga and Pilates on alternate weeks. Once May arrives we will have four weeks of mindfulness to ensure we are ready in body and mind to take on the Challenge!

17 March, 2021

Gear Up For a Challenge!

Get On Track Challenge Returns to UNSW

On 31 May, UNSW will be undertaking the Get on Track Challenge for the second time. 

Last year, we had 540 people in teams of 4 walking virtually around the Northern Explorer Wildflower track in WA. We're hoping to get even more people out there and walking around this winter, so we've planned a schedule of online exercise classes in March and April to get you going and ready for the Challenge! 

22 September, 2020

Uprise Comes to UNSW

Now Available Free for all UNSW Staff

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