Coffee Roulette

Of all the staff members at UNSW, how many do you think you've actually met?

For the first time at UNSW, we are launching Coffee Roulette for Health and Wellbeing Month this October. Making social connections is one of the best protective factors for our mental health. However, despite working in an organisation with nearly 20,000 staff, most of us rarely get to meet more than a small group of people we work with regularly. It's time to change all that!

Coffee Roulette will give us the chance to get to know a UNSW staff member who we otherwise might never have met. All you need to do to participate is fill in the form here with your details, and we will spin the roulette wheel and match you randomly with another staff member. You can then arrange a mutually convenient time for a virtual coffee (or beverage of your choice!) or a walking meeting to get to know each other.

Who: All staff members can participate.

When: Please fill in the form by Monday 18 October.

How: Fill in the form here.