Am I Ok?

Join Emily Toner as she flips the script and asks you to ask yourself "Am I Ok?" In this session, we will cover the following and hope you take the time to tune in and prioritise checking-in on you. 

What will we cover?

  • Am I OK? Self check-in and meditation
  • How to have conversations around mental health
  • How to connect quickly, in a crisis 
  • How to signal for help or signal openness to supporting others

Who is Emily Toner?

Emily Toner is Clinical Psychologist and speaker based in Byron Bay, Australia with a research background in behavioural neuroscience and positive psychology. Emily uses her knowledge of behaviour to help people move through stress, fear and overwhelm into motivated states of compassion and action for themselves and the planet.

She has spent the past decade delivering tailored wellbeing and mindfulness programs for organisations such as Deloitte, ANZ and Medibank and gives talks to a wide range of audiences - from exec boards, athletes, accountants, lawyers and health professionals, to teachers, activists and musicians. Emily also gives regular expert opinion for a range of media, including The Age, Body & Soul and Peppermint Magazine.

This session will be held on Friday 6 September from 12:30pm-1:30pm.

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