Family Wellbeing Program

Managing work and family can be challenging and stressful, especially during a lockdown! To help support our parents and families, this six-month Family Wellbeing Program is available to all staff members through Benestar.

Each month, a live 30-minute webinar will provide practical solutions to enable you to embed sustainable wellbeing practices into family life.

August Webinar - Family Wellbeing: Nutrition, exercise and sleep

The August session explores how to raise happy, healthy children - baby to teenager. Topics include developing a healthy family lifestyle and guidelines for nutrition, hydration, exercise and sleep. Filled with tips for success for busy working parents!

It will be held on 19 August from 12pm-12.30pm

You only need to register once for the Family Wellbeing Program and you will automatically be registered for all of the webinars and have access to the Resource Centre. In the Resource Centre you will find links to recordings of prior sessions as well as articles and downloadable guides.

For each webinar, you can choose to either attend live where you can ask questions, or access the replay in the Resource Centre after the live session.

Click the button below to register for the program.