Returning to Work After Parental Leave

With support from SAGE Athena Swan program, UNSW collaborates with organisational coaches and facilitators from Parents at Work to provide support to parents and soon-to-be parents.

Returning to Work after parental leave can be both an exciting and challenging time with new routines to be navigated along with a mixture of emotions and feelings. This session will help you plan and prepare for your return to work. In this interactive group session experienced parental leave transition coaches will provide essential and informative tips on how to manage the transition. If you’re already back at work, this session will be great to explore what is and isn’t working for you and to re-evaluate what you need to make the return to work experience an easier one.  

Preparing for Parental Leave will be held online on Wednesday 13 September from 1pm - 2pm.

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A UNSW HR representative will be available in each session to answer any questions specific to UNSW policies and entitlements.

Additional resources including a full schedule of webinars for 2023 are available on EDI's Parents at Work webpage

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