Uprise Webinar - Climate Change and Melancholia

with Uprise Consultant and Mental Health Professional, Edman Tam

Uprise will be doing something a little bit unique in this session. It is suggested that you have watched the 2011 film Melancholia if you come along. The session will still make sense if you don't, but it will be more of an experience if you have watched the film.

During the presentation Eddy will be using his interpretation of the film to take lessons about its reflections on the human experience on the topic of the effects of climate change on mental health. Incorporating kehy psychological principles, he hopes to foster an opportunity for people to have a rich, honest, yet hopeful engagement with this rather ominous topic.

Disclaimer: The film is rated R, and contains mature and confrontational themes including depression and suicide. Please look up the film and consider whether this film is for you. The discussion will be oriented aroudn this film and thus may highlight some of the themes.

This webinar will be held from 12.30pm-1pm on Thursday 25 April 2024.
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