Get on Track Challenge

Get On Track is a health and wellbeing event that encourages participants to increase their activity levels in a fun, team-based challenge.

Local Challenge

We've named the UNSW Get on Track Challenge the "Local Challenge". It will be available to all staff and students of UNSW, plus family members! 

How it Works

  • Teams can have up to four members.
  • Team members track steps using their own devices, then input step counts via the website. Other exercise (eg. cycling, swimming) is converted into steps on the website.
  • Team members also input their fruit, vegetable, and water intake, as well as their hours of sleep.
  • Fruit and vegetable intake is converted into steps, with bonuses for meeting daily targets.
  • All staff, students and family members of UNSW can participate.
  • The Local Challenge is free!

How to Join?

Chat with colleagues and put your team together! Then choose a team name and pick one person to be the Team Captain. Teams can have up to four people.

Team Captains

If you are a Team Captain, click the button below to register and create your team. 

You will get a unique URL that you can send to each of your team members to enable them to join your team.

Don't Have a Team to Join?

You have two options:

  1. Start your own team! You can create your account and a team for yourself and make it Open to UNSW. Then anyone else who doesn't have a team to join can join you in yours!
  2. Create your own account, then see if anyone else has created a team which is Open to UNSW and join one of those teams.

Click the registration button below to create your account, then continue to create a new team or look for an open team.

Health Profile

Once you've registered and joined a team, you'll need to set up your health profile, so you can compare your healthy habits from before and after the challenge.

When does it start?

The Local Challenge will start on Monday 31 May 2021 and continues until Monday 23 August 2021.

Where are we walking this year?

We are walking the Great Northern Adventure! This takes us on a journey across the Northern Territory's ‘Red Centre’ from Uluru to Kakadu! 


For more information, check out the FAQs here, or contact Liza Poppert.