This week is 'National Recycling Week' and HR has commenced a War on Waste by embracing the NSW Government's Return and Earn Bottle Deposit Scheme. 

The initiative began rolling out across NSW on 1 December 2017, with the aim of reducing litter by 40% by 2020.

UNSW was the first University in NSW to introduce a reverse vending machine in February this year, located near the Physics Lawn. The reverse vending machine is the cleanest and most efficient way to recycle glass, plastic and aluminium cans, cartons and bottles.

HR will embrace this initiative starting with three new bottle recycling bins in  prominent locations on each HR floor in the Chancellery (Ground Floor, Level 1, Level 3). 

Here you can deposit any used plastic, glass, aluminium or liquid paperboard bottles/cartons. Containers should be empty, uncrushed, unbroken and with labels attached. Those bottles that are eligible will have the 10c refund sticker on the label.

Please do not put general waste or other recycling items in these bins.

The bottles will be collected by a group of HR volunteers and recycled via the reverse vending machine on a regular basis, with the proceeds to be collected and put towards future HR events.