Fitness Passport

Fitness Passport is a discounted workplace health and fitness program available to UNSW staff and their families. The purpose of Fitness Passport is to motivate Australians to participate in exercise by removing the barriers of cost and limited choice.  

For a fraction of the price of a regular gym membership, Fitness Passport members across Australia enjoy access to a wide range of gyms, pools and fitness centres. You may already be a member of some of them! 

Which gyms and pools are included?

Click here to view the interactive map. 

Who is eligible to get a Fitness Passport?

Fitness Passport is only for UNSW employees with a valid employee number who are paid via the UNSW payroll and meet specific criteria. Please visit the FAQs page for the detailed eligibility criteria.

Please note: Fitness Passport is not available to staff of affiliates, other entities or PhD Students who do not also have casual employment at the University.

When did the UNSW Fitness Passport start? 

The first employees to get Fitness Passport at UNSW started their memberships on 15 December 2023.

Can I still join?

Yes! Fitness Passport is now an ongoing UNSW program and verification of new member applications is done on a fortnightly basis. You can sign up whenever you like, and you will go into the next fortnightly verification batch. 

When will I get my membership card?

Fitness Passport are now using digital membership cards, so you don't have to wait for cards to arrive in the mail! Your card, and those of applicable family members, will be available to you by downloading the MyFP app once you have been approved.

Download the MyFP app for your device by clicking one of the buttons below:

What do I do when I arrive at a gym/pool for the first time?

Just show the staff your digital Fitness Passport card. They may ask for some details to set you up in their system if it’s your first visit. Then scan your card at reception to register your visit and off you go!

What if I want to put my membership on hold?

If you’d like to put your membership on hold because you’ll be away, please read these instructions. You can suspend your membership for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of two months without documentation.

I have some more questions, where can I find out more?

You can visit our FAQs page here and also Fitness Passport's FAQs page.

If you still have a question, please email us here.