VP GO is a flexible wellbeing program that meets you where you're at. It's a digital health coach, a social connection to your colleagues and an activity challenge all in one. VP GO is designed to help you take small steps towards improving your health through friendly competition and personalised tracking of your health habits and goals.

Why is tracking my steps, sleep and habits important?

Tracking your activity, sleep and eating habits can help you see the big picture and set realistic goals for improving your health. When you track small lifestyle changes every day, these steps become habits. Then your habits lead to better health.

What can I do every day on VP GO?

A lot! Open the app to read your daily cards, see quick personalised wellbeing tips, build habits and try mini challenges with friends and colleagues. If you want to sleep better, eat healthier, lower your stress or be more mindful...the choice is yours. You can focus on what matters to you, with topic areas to choose from including physical health, mental health, financial wellbeing, diversity, inclusion, sustainability and more.

What is Destination GO?

Destination GO is the main activity challenge of the VP GO program. It is a 9-week team-based activity challenge featuring a virtual journey around the world. Join your UNSW colleagues in teams of 2 - 7 people to take on other UNSW teams and climb the leaderboard as you unlock exotic new locations.

The choice of activity is up to you - you can walk, run, swim, do yoga, dance...it all gets converted to steps to help your team on their journey around the world and help you on your journey to better health.

When does it start?

VP GO is open now! You can join the platform and start benefitting from all the features it has to offer, plus get your team together for Destination GO.

Destination GO starts on Wednesday 24 May and runs for 9 weeks, until Wednesday 26 July 2023.

Who is eligible to join?

All UNSW staff members are eligible to join VP GO and the Destination GO challenge. The cost of the program will be funded by UNSW Wellbeing, but numbers are limited so get in quick! If we reach our numbers cap, you can go onto the waitlist for a place.

How do I join?

To register for the program, click here: https://join.virginpulse.com/unsw0523

Area Champions

Each faculty and division has a local Area Champion for VP GO. They are your local go-to person for more info about the program and will help keep you motivated on your journey!


Area Champion

Arts, Design & Architecture

Trish Danzey & Rebecca Greatrex

Business School

Mick Tran


Amelia Davey


Ruth Evatt 




Ravit Danieli-Vlandis


Leonie Kneipp

Division of External Engagement


Division of Operations

Angela Lee, Steph Whitelaw

DVC Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Marian Iskander 

DVC Academic & Student Life

Samuel Christopher

DVC Research

Blandine Vallee

DVC Planning & Assurance

Lucy Butterworth


If your area does not have a Champion yet, or you have further questions, please contact Liza Poppert.