Welcome to Converge International - our EAP Provider!

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling, coaching and wellbeing service free for all for UNSW leaders, staff and their immediate family members. The service can help you manage work and life experiences, issues or concerns that arise from time to time.

EAP services at UNSW are provided by Converge International. 

Prior to 1 April 2024, EAP services were provided by TELUS Health, (formerly known as Benestar). Any cases that were opened on or before 31 March will be managed by TELUS Health until their completion.

Who is Converge International?

Converge has more than 60 years experience in providing mental health and wellbeing services and was the first EAP provider in Australia. Converge currently provides services for more than 2 million Australians. 

What are the key features of the Converge EAP service?

Converge offers more than just counselling, with a suite of health and wellbeing services and resources at your fingertips. The EAP service has eight streams:

  1. Employee Assist
  2. Manager Assist
  3. Career Assist
  4. Conflict Assist
  5. Nutrition & Lifestyle Assist
  6. Money Assist
  7. Family Assist
  8. Legal Assist

Remember, to have the best EAP experience there are two key tips:

  1. Provide the booking staff with a high level description of what you want help with (eg. financial advice, anxiety, assisting a troubled employee, team conflict etc.) so they can match you with the most suitable counsellor.
  2. Rapport with your counsellor is at the heart of a successful experience, so if you don't feel you initially get the right counsellor for you, you are strongly encouraged to request a different person for your next booking.

Is there a charge for the services?

UNSW staff can access up to six sessions per issue, per year, free of charge. Immediate family members are also covered by the service, and this is also free of charge.

For managers, if you need to call Converge out to campus to support your team, eg. for a critical incident, there will be an additional charge to your work unit.

Please speak to your HR Business Partnering Team if you'd like to know more.

How do I access EAP with Converge?

1. Phone for an appointment

Call Converge International on 1300 687 327.

This is the fastest way to access support and it is always best to phone if your matter is urgent. When you phone 1300 687 327 you will be able to make a face-to-face or phone or video call appointment. If your matter is urgent and you need to speak to someone straight away, you will be able to do so.

The phone is answered 24/7.

2. Live Chat

You can access the Live Chat feature on the Converge website. Visit convergeinternational.com.au and click the speech bubble icon in the bottom right of the screen to access the Live Chat service. 

3. Website

Visit the Converge International website and click the Book Appointment button at the top of the screen to book an appointment.

You will need to enter our organisation code:

Organisation code: UNSWUNSW

4. Onsite at the Kensington Campus

From 8 May 2024, Converge services are available fortnightly on Wednesdays at the Kensington campus. Click here to find out more about the onsite service.

5. Converge App

The Converge app is included as part of our EAP program and is free to use. Available for iOS and Android devices:

You will need to enter our organisation code to create your account when setting up the app.

Organisation code: UNSWUNSW

As well as allowing you to book an appointment, the Converge app provides health metrics tracking and a personalised dashboard, plus a Health Insights Library and access to the monthly wellbeing magazine, Flourish.

Converge Organisation Portal

The Converge organisation portal contains a vast library of health and wellbeing resources. Click here to access the portal and login using the following details:

  • Username: converge
  • Password: eap

Click on 'Resources' in the left side menu to access the resource library, where you can search for topics that interest you, select a curated category, or filter by topic and content type. You will find informational posters, tip sheets and videos.

Specialist Phone Helplines

Converge provides Specialist Phone Helplines that offer a streamlined intake to hand-chosen and credentialed consultants who have deep expertise, lived-experience or qualifications in each area of specialty. Detailed referral databases to local support organisations are available when required. Based on the needs of each caller, a sensitive support plan is put in place.

Aged Care Support - 1300 035 337

Access advice on aged care issues and referral to specialist resources, as well as emotional support when caring for family members or friends.

Disability and Carers - 1300 2463 543

Specialist advice on disability support, as well as emotional support around caring for family members or friends who live with disability.

Domestic and Family Violence - 1300 338 465

Speak with a specialist and access counselling, referral and support around domestic and family violence.

First Nations - 1300 287 432

Support around indigenous issues. We provide a safe space for you to talk to someone who can empathise with your issues and provide support. The experienced consultants are either First Nations people themselves or have undertaken specialist training in cultural awareness.

LGBTQI+ - 1300 542 874

Speak with a specialist counsellor and access support across issues specific to the LGBTQI+ community. Converge has consultants who have lived experience and who identify as part of the LGBTQI+ community.

Spiritual and Pastoral Care - 1300 772 435

Speak with a counsellor who will help you draw on spiritual resources suitable to your faith journey. Support across all major faith traditions and every major Christian denomination trained to integrate spirituality as an essential aspect of wellbeing.

Youth and Student - 1300 687 399

Access age-sensitive support focusing on the emotional needs and psychological pressures many young Australians and students face in their daily lives.


All consultations are strictly confidential. Converge International will not share information about you with UNSW unless you authorise them to do so.

When making appointments, you may be asked for information on your organisation and faculty or office and some demographic questions. This information may be used towards high level reporting on trends and utilisation rates.

Need more help?

Contact your Wellbeing Champion or HR Representative, or email us at wellbeing@unsw.edu.au.