Achieve and maintain wellbeing with our free Employee Assistance Program for you and your family.

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a confidential counselling, coaching and wellbeing service free for all for UNSW leaders, staff and their immediate family members. The service can help you manage work and life experiences, issues or concerns that arise from time to time.

You can access face-to-face or telephone counselling, Live Chat support and a vast library of online health and wellbeing resources. (During the current lockdown, the face-to-face counselling option is not available.)

For managers, if you need to call Benestar out to campus to support your team, there will be an additional charge to your work unit. Please speak to your HR Business Partnering Team if you'd like to know more.

Confidential face-to-face, telephone or live chat counselling, coaching and support - "My Coach"

MyCoach offers professional, confidential counselling, coaching and support. It can be accessed via face-to-face appointments, over the phone, or as a web chat through the BeneHub site. (During the current lockdown, the face-to-face counselling option is not available.)

Remember, to have the best "My Coach" experience there are two key tips:

  1. Provide the booking staff with a high level description of what you want help with (eg. financial advice, anxiety, assisting a troubled employee, team conflict etc.) so they can match you with the most suitable counsellor.
  2. Rapport with your counsellor is at the heart of a successful experience, so if you don't feel you initially get the right counsellor for you, you are strongly encouraged to request a different person for your next booking.
For individuals

The MyCoach program provides coaching and support to help you manage challenging issues and enhance your wellbeing both in the workplace and in your personal life. This could include:

  • suggestions on how to improve your work relationships or help defining some strategies to create a better work-life balance
  • support in managing mental health issues for you or your family or guidance related to parenting or family issues.
For Leaders

MyCoach also provides a service to help leaders effectively look after themselves and support their teams through workplace issues and challenges such as: 

  • an employee with problems impacting on work performance or behaviour or interpersonal conflicts or difficulties with team functioning
  • a distressed or troubled employee or assisting an employee to cope with change
  • MyCoach can also provide advice on how to refer your staff to Benestar.

A total of six free sessions are available per issue per person/family at no cost. After your sixth session, your Benestar contact may refer you to another service provider for additional sessions or support at your own cost.

Benestar services continue to be available to UNSW staff members for three months after they leave UNSW employment.

How do I access EAP?

Call Benestar on 1300 360 364 or create a BeneHub account to access our EAP services anywhere, anytime.

Visit and click on the BeneHub Login button.


Then provide a few details and choose your own password. Every time you visit BeneHub after you register you can login directly with the details you chose. There is also a free app for iOS and Android.

For more information and help logging in see the Benestar UserGuide.

The EAP service is available to all staff at UNSW, including staff from UNSW Canberra, UNSW Global, CCIA, the Black Dog Institute, Unisearch and Arc@UNSW. Casual staff are included.

Onsite Services

Benestar counselling sessions were available onsite at the Kensington campus between 9am - 1pm every second Wednesday prior to Covid and will return to campus once it is safe to do so. These sessions are currently being held virtually.

You can book an appointment in advance by calling 1300 360 364. 


Online resource library

The BeneHub online resource library allows you access to a vast library of health and wellbeing resources. This includes a variety of content such as learning modules, videos, articles, podcasts, activities and resource toolkits.


All consultations are strictly confidential. Benestar will not share information about you with UNSW unless you authorise for them to do so.

When making appointments, you may be asked for information on your organisation and faculty or office and some demographic questions. This information may be used towards high level reporting on trends and utilisation rates

Need more help?

Contact your Wellbeing Champion or HR Representative.